"Let us reclaim college admissions as an educational process..."
  College Unranked
"...required reading for every parent, counselor, and aspiring student."

"College Unranked is the most important effort yet to yank back the college application/admission process from the grasp of college rankings, commercial guidebooks, and expensive private consultants and to restore it where it belongs: in the hands of students and their parents. The book's contributors remind us of the fundamental purposes of college, and their voices are a calm, thoughtful force propelling us through the national blast of anxiety that dominates college selection and admission."
- Bob Laird, Former Director of Undergraduate Admission, University of California, Berkeley

"The truth could set you free! This collection of essays and comments adds real insight to the search for college and re-centers the focus to the student's development and well being. Full of excellent observations and advice."
- Richard H. Shaw, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Yale University

"This book is welcome, if not overdue. The leading figures in college administration and admissions articulate with insight, candor, and compassion what the college admissions process should and should not be. This book is required reading for every parent, counselor, and aspiring student. It is more honest, helpful, and important than any guidebook or ranking magazine that exploits the misplaced anxiety concerning college admissions among students and their families"
- Leon Botstein, President, Bard College


From those in charge comes crucial advice for students, parents, counselors, and admission professionals. College admissions can be a sensible and productive experience. The collective wisdom of college presidents and admission deans tells us how.

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